Burglar Bars For Doors

Did you know that roughly 56% of all break-ins occur through a front or back door on the first floor?


Burglar bar security gates and reinforced doors are great visual deterrent to any opportunist burglar snooping around your home or business making them an affordable and efficient layer of security.


Burglars will usually pass on your home or business if it requires too much effort to break in. They want to be in and out fast – an average break in lasts 8 to 12 minutes. They certainly don’t want to be messing around with tough security. Burglar bars for doors will take them longer to try break in, meaning they will probably move on and try find easier pickings.


While burglar bars are designed to deter the bad guys, you still want to feel welcome when coming home. At JEJ Security Bars we can create an entrance that is both secure and stylish. 

decorative wrought iron work on door
decorative wrought iron security for door
Decorative Iron Work Door
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decorative iron work to add security for door
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