Fire Safe Window Bars

All our door and bedroom windows security bars that we install have quick release throws to allow for easy keyless exit in case of emergency.


With our quick-release window bars, you are able to protect your home and family by preventing thieves from breaking in and still be able to easily open your windows from the inside in case an emergency escape is needed.


Our quick-release security bars meet the 2006 International Residential Code and do not require a key, special knowledge, excessive physical effort or a separate tool to be operated. The idea is that both elders and children should be strong enough to operate the release mechanism.


If the security bars you currently have, especially on bedroom windows, are permanently fixed or do not have quick release devices, they should be retrofitted with an approved quick-release device.  

burglar bars on window
security lock and burglar bars on window
fire safe burglar bars on window
security lock and bars on window