Burglar Bars For Windows

93% of homes that are broken in to have an alarm system! You may be wondering if an alarm system doesn’t deter thieves, what will? Security Bars!

Burglars will usually pass on your home or business if it requires too much effort or time to break in. They want to be in and out fast – an average break in lasts 8 to 12 minutes. If they see burglar bars, they will likely move on and try find easier pickings.

We custom make all of our burglar bars to the exact specifications to your needs. You can choose from endless designs and we can paint your bars virtually any color. 

All our bedroom security bars windows have quick release throw to allow for easy keyless exit in case of emergency.

decorative wrought iron burglar bars on window
invisible burglar bars to add security to windows
burglar bars on window for commercial property
security lock and burglar bars on window
fire safe burglar bars on window
invisible security bars on window
decorative wrought iron work on door
burglar bars on window